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Frank Lynch is a story that the public loves.


Frank Lynch is a person of significant character who is already changing the future of America, even before he is elected President. His campaign website has succeeded in getting the leading candidates to adopt many of his proposals.


The Library of Congress has recorded an historical archive of 67 copies of Frank Lynch's 2008 Presidential Campaign at the following link as an inflection point in  national issues. At the time it was written, this was truly futuristic and unique because no other Presidential candidate had ever posted any of the ideas contained in this objectively archived website before Frank Lynch published them.  Scroll down the first page of the Library of Congress archive to Frank's "Top Ten List" and the linked pages to understand that what Frank created in 2007 was so important that most of it has become mainstream today.



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Frank is the only candidate, and the first Presidential in history with the real world experience of having created a business as the sole founder, and building it up into a public traded corporation, which was sold by merger to a larger company. Amazingly, he achieved his IPO within 30 months of starting the company. How many people could do that?


At age 19 he was on a National Science Foundation Research Fellowship performing biochemical/behavioral research. At age 19!


He now devotes his life to helping the American people, and has founded two non-profits named to honor his late father. One is a new university to cure America's catastrophic, nation-destroying shortage of 3,000,000 medical, math, science and engineering teachers. The other is an offset to the celebrity charities that send all our money overseas while neglecting America's forgotten poor. How can we send billions overseas when tens of millions of our own children are sick, starving, abused and ignorant? benefits only America's forgotten poor and abused women and abused children, with everything inside America and nothing overseas.


Frank Lynch is the most important emerging national leader since Abraham Lincoln came out of nowhere to transform America. Frank Lynch's ideas have already begun to shape the future of America by changing the focus of the 2008 Presidential  campaigns, which now follow his nation-changing concepts.

Frank Lynch is an author, educator, futurist, philanthropist, and emerging national leader of national stature who, after a broad and comprehensive high level career that includes national security consultant, senior corporate finance officer with major investment banks, and founder and CEO of a public company, is now devoting his life to helping America. He is a person of significant character who is already changing the future of America.

In addition to the full biography below, this site contains:


1.  A summary of the leadership Frank Lynch has demonstrated that has changed the direction of the 2008 Democratic Party Presidential Campaigns, and which will result in great changes to the future of every America.


2. Quick Factsheet with Best Job, Worst Job, etc.


3. Chronological Jobs Summary


4.  Link to Request Media Interviews and/or Public Appearances for Frank Lynch to Speak before your group, charitable event or fundraisers.


5. Newsroom


Here is the full Biography of Frank Lynch

The New Ideological Leader of the Democratic Party

 Presidential Candidate,  Futurist,  Educator

Philanthropist,  Author, and Publisher



The definition of a leader is a person who creates, publishes and disseminates new ideas, and uses those ideas to motivate large numbers of people, called his followers, into actions, especially if those ideas and actions result in major political, economic and social transformations.

The following ideas created, published and posted by Frank Lynch are truly nation changing ideas that will transform America. Indeed, even before the promotional efforts of his campaign have begun, there has been a huge number of unique website visits from more than 70 countries reading his publication of these ideas, including regular, daily visits from multiple Communist Chinese websites.

Frank Lynch created, published and posted on his website the key ideas of Frank's Top Ten List, Energy Independence, Free Healthcare, Free College, and doing much more for mothers. These concepts are now embraced by the DNC and by the leading Democratic Presidential candidates. That makes them followers of Frank Lynch. These ideas will change the lives of every person in America, resulting in major political, economic and social transformations.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the New President Obama during his first three years in office frequently paid lip service to Frank's ideas, but never had the strength to fully implement a single idea. Frank would have entered the campaign sooner, but was delayed by the death of his mother and by brain surgery for cancer of his sister's husband.

In the 2008 Campaign he had a Top Ten List. In the 2012 Campaign, the list will be shorter, since the media have very short focus. But Frank Lynch might be  the new ideological leader of the Republican  Party.

Frank's Presidential Campaign will lift up every person in America with true equality. Anything less is just an empty promise, like "40 acres and a mule."

Frank is the Chancellor of Frank Lynch University (  that is devoted to curing America's catastrophic, nation destroying shortage of 3,000,000 medical, math, science and engineering teachers.

Frank Lynch founded the Frank Lynch to care for abused women and children, and to care for America's forgotten poor with technical training and job assistance.

Frank's for profit publishing companies Frank Lynch Media LLC and Frank Lynch USA LLC, will publish a variety of books, material and websites, and with the website presence as  FranksHeroes, hope to bring democracy back to the people by letting us sign petitions and create polls to make our views known to elected officials, politicians who too often forget what we want.

The difference between Frank Lynch and all the other candidates is that they "Need" to be President because of flaws in their personalities, such as ego. Frank is running reluctantly, and dreads the burden of being President. Frank's purpose is to spread and implant ideas that will benefit every person in America.


But it appears that the only way to truly have his ideas implemented without being weaseled away and watered down by other candidates who "mostly" embrace his ideas, it is necessary for Frank to be President for every person in America to get the full and complete benefits of Frank's ideas.


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